Welcome to EpiGenChlamydia (EGC) Consortium Website. 

This website provides information on the history, progress and future activities of the EU Framework Programme funded "EGC Consortium". The desire for an integrated approach to the study of Chlamydia trachomatis infection of the female genital tract resulted in the creation of the “ICTI Consortium” (Integrated approach to the study of Chlamydia trachomatis Infection) in 2005, the EGC Consortium was one of the follow-up initiatives. One of the goals is to get insight in the susceptibility of an severity to CT infection form the host genetis point of view and to use identified  host genetic determinants of infection as a diagnostis tool to improve subfertility diagnosis. On this website you will find besides EGC Consortium details and output, also publications on the basis of host immunogenetics and CT infections, background information host-pathogen interactions and grants & SME based follow-up activities of the consortium.

Project Details:
Below a list of all of the project details. 
Title: Contribution of molecular epidemiology and host-pathogen genomics to understand Chlamydia trachomatis disease.
Acronym: EpiGenChlamydia
Contract No: 037637
Research topic addressed: Framework Programme 6 (FP6)-2005-LIFESCIHEALTH-6 LSH-2005-1.1.0-1
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